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AURA Self & Soul Care

Reign 'Rule Your World' Oracle Card Deck

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Ready to command your cosmos? Introducing our 53-card oracle deck, designed to serve you bold, clear insights. It is rooted in cardology—the divine dance of astrology and numerology tucked within our everyday playing cards.

Sleek and portable, this deck isn’t just for the mystic moments. It’s sized just a smidge over your standard deck. So, yes, you can rock an oracle reading and play a quick game of solitaire.

Each box carries a golden ticket: a link to the “Rule Your World Oracle Guide“. Dive deep with card meanings and soul-stirring questions. Whether you’re into digital scrolls or good ol’ downloads, we’ve got you.

Version 2 updates: Easier to use to play cards with as the diamonds and hearts have white symbols and the spades and clubs have black symbols. Modified back side design so it is more difficult to tell when cards are upside down. BOTTOM LINE: If you want to play cards with this deck, get VERSION 2. If you are just using it for the oracle readings, VERSION 1 is a good option until we run out!