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Morning Mystik Super Powder Blend

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It’s time to awaken in REAL TIME to all the possibilities that are available to you throughout your day.

Morning Mystik is perfect for those looking to activate & awaken into their limitless potential. This superpower blend - perfect for milk, coffee, tea, and smoothies- will help you activate your dream reality, here & now.

Formulated with ingredients that help support your ability to detoxify your body to heal from within and awaken you to your dream reality - in mind, body & spirit. Alchemized with botanicals that have been used for centuries to support gut-brain health, memory, and brain cognition.

Regain your clarity, stimulate your senses and active full presence to your Dream Life. Shine from within and awaken your inner power. Infused with crystal essences of CITRINE, QUARTZ, LABRADORITE. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons.

Formulated with: Turmeric Root Powder,* Rose Powder,* Cardamom Powder,* Cinnamon Powder,* Ginger Powder,* Black Pepper.*   (*Always Organic)