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AURA Self & Soul Care

Intention-Setting Soundbath w/ Alyssa - 10/11 | 7-8pm

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Meet Alyssa, Aura Self & Soul Care owner and experienced Reiki practitioner and sound healer who guides you on a transformative journey of inner exploration and energetic realignment.

Immerse yourself in the soothing tones of crystal bowls, chimes, drums, and sacred instruments during her enchanting sound bath sessions. Allow the vibrations to wash away stress, promote deep relaxation, and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Indulge in the ancient wisdom of an intention-setting cacao ceremony, where Alyssa expertly prepares a ceremonial-grade cacao elixir (vegan/DF/GF) to heighten your senses and open your heart. Through this guided ritual, you'll embark on a soulful journey, embracing self-love, connection, and inner transformation.

During our intention-setting sessions, Alyssa will guide you in crafting powerful affirmations and goals that align with your true desires. Harnessing the energy of intention, you'll create a roadmap for manifesting positive change and stepping into your highest potential.

With Alyssa's compassionate presence and intuitive guidance, Aura Self & Soul Care offers a sacred space for you to explore your inner landscape, release blockages, and nurture your soul. Experience the profound healing and self-discovery that awaits you on this transformative path.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-care and soul exploration. Uncover the depths of your being and ignite the radiant essence within.

    • Class Details: October 11th | 7-8pm. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins to set up your yoga mat and get comfortable
    • Bring: A yoga mat, light blanket, eye mask, pillow 
    • Wear: whatever you're comfortable in. This class is spent laying down. 
    • Location: Aura Self & Soul Care | 312 W Main St. Carmel, IN 46032

Terms & Conditions: All class sales are final and not eligible for return or exchange. In the event a class is rescheduled or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, an email will be sent to each registered participant and a class credit will be added to your account of equal value. Aura Self & Soul Care and its practitioners, owners, and employees are not medical professionals and any reference to ‘healing’ is intended to relax the body and mind to aid in a state of well-being.