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Quartz & Canary

Citrine Celestial Bar Necklace w/ 18k Gold Chain

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The word celestial often references something outer worldly, the cosmos, the heavens and or something that is supremely good! Designed to carry a supercharged crystal cut in a fashionable way by Quartz & Canary, this pendant is truly sent from the heavens! A double terminated faceted bar cut shine beautifully in natural citrine. A statement and a spiritual amulet all at the same time! 

-Natural Citrine

-Elongated 19" rectangular box chain 

-1 Micron of Gold 18k Plated 

All crystal specimens are unique and are hand set. Colors or shades of stone may vary. 

Energy Notes: 
The double terminated cut was intentional as it transmits and transmutes forms of energy seamlessly. Each unique gem emits its own frequency while you wear it. Enjoy being elevated to the celestial planes! The Money Stone. Best worn for those starting a new business or looking to expand levels of success, abundance, and good fortune within their life. Said to help make wise business decisions, this stone will allow your self-esteem and self-worth to be raised while revitalizing the mind. It is also known to shine and bring the sunshine in! Thank citrine later for its natural mood lifting qualities.